Steal Claire’s Poem

Steal this Poem
by Claire Fauset:

Think about it,
I can’t tell you anything new.
In all these millenia of human existence
there can only be a few new ideas to be thought through.
So do we treat them like rare commodities?

Because intellectual property is theft
and piracy is our only defence against the thought police.
The revolution
will be plagiarised!


In a world in which
Jazz music does not exist
because copyright law does not recognise an extended piece of improvisation
as an original creation; in a world in which Norman Cook, writing Dub be good to me paid
80% of his writers fee to the writers of Just be good to me and 50% of
his fee to the Clash for using their bassline out of Guns of Brixton (meaning that he paid
out 130% of his fees as writer, and lost money for every track sold); in a world in which Apple pays 7% of
the income for every track downloaded on iTunes to the performer and 60% to the record label, even
though the record label has no part whatsoever in the production of the music; in such a world
talking about theft cannot be a meaningful.

We have the opposite of a tragedy of the commons: the more we share our creations, the more we
all gain from them; the more we lock them behind patents and copyright, the more we all lose.


Visit Claire’s
blog. Steal.



Thanks, Bristling Badger for your
thoughts on copyright. Great stuff.

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